​​Building Process
Being one of the easiest assembly no other construction technique is faster and convenient than ICFs.

Foam blocks or panels having cavity are stacked into the shape of the walls of a building. Steel reinforcement is added and you are ready to pour.

Concrete is poured into form to get a solid, high-strength material in between layers of high-insulation foam. This makes walls air-tight, highly insulated, strong, sound-fire-pests and UV resistance and durability against worst weather.

The forms can be installed quickly and easily using common construction tools and equipment. The industry’s wide variety of manufacturers, shapes, and sizes makes it easy to custom design smaller commercial structures.


“next generation construction”

ICF a “Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)” is one of the most sustainable and highly efficient Construction technology

Be it apartment blocks, basements, offices, hospitals, schools, shops, hotels or housing with ICF it’s always the best as the core is High Strength CONCRETE

Other than Being a Green and ecofriendly Technology it’s also economic to Owners pocket and minimalistic maintenance.