Keeping in view of the present global scenario, can we predict tomorrow ?

If “YES” is the  answer,  let’s go ahead to adapt and adopt “Sustainability”

Necessity is the mother of  invention, Prevention is the father of perfection.

World wide it is accepted as an atmost and essential task to improvise and develop our planet strategies with innovations. In line of comparison  to our ancestors we are enjoying  Quality lives, so can we up- keep the same for our coming Generations, if our answer is yes we will and we must be conservative in “E N E R G Y  D R I V E N  S Y S T E M S”, which is the scope of our selected  

Technological  Project :      G L O R I F A C :  G R E {E N} E R G Y … …

END  of resources needs specific attention, simple answer is reuse ergonomically which made us more justified in submission of our working project thermoplastic with collective team effort from 3 stages in our Construction Industry as an insulation media, i.e.

  Manufacture stage     ( 100 % today’s waste can be utilized   )
  Process stage            ( at our disposal we can minimize cost )
  Application stage      (  70 % Power energy conservation        )

Henceforth we submit our effort  for experts discretion and discernment  for Future,  as to  focus  on “Patented Polymer Product” manufacture from waste to energy as “First” of  its kind on our EARTH  under  ever green concept..

 SUSTAIN’ABILITY........ “Together We Can”

“Quality”  is initiated  from thinking,

“Thinking” is ignited with Involvement,

“ Involvement” is  an extract  of experience,

“Experience” is the best teacher for  Generations.